Cloud Offices for Small Business

How Does a Small Business Create and Maintain a “Cloud Office”?

The buzzword of the recent years has been the cloud. By now, most of us know that businesses are moving to the cloud. We know the cloud is this hidden network of servers, data centers, and mystery that allows productive companies to access their data from anywhere and at any time.

But, for many small business, who have been long established, transitioning to the cloud can be worrisome. Decisions makers worry about their employees bothering them with questions of why the new wireless printer isn’t working or why the fancy new VOIP phone system is down.

At CP Networks, we understand the transition to the cloud be intimidating. We exist to provide network and cloud solutions to small and medium sized businesses. In this article, we will talk about common misconceptions we’ve seen about the transition to a cloud office.

Misconception #1: Cloud Solutions Are Less Secure

Small business owners are worried about their data being secure. Most businesses thrive on their ability to secure, analyze, and act-on data better their competitors. If this data is not secure then the business’s livelihood is at risk.

Due to some major news stories about hacks and data loss, cloud solutions have gotten a reputation for being insecure. That could not be further from the truth. CP Networks preferred cloud solution, Microsoft Office 365, has achieved some of the highest security ratings available by independent agencies.

Looking at it from another angle, as we discussed in [blog 1], data loss can be catastrophic to a business. A significant cause of data loss can be attributed to lost or stolen laptops and phones. However, since the cloud acts as a natural and constant back-up of an employee’s data, data loss in no longer a concern when a laptop is lost or stolen.

CP Networks can add another layer of security by implementing a workstation based solution. A workstation basically enables any employee to work from any computer because their data is stored on a local server or cloud-based server. The employee simply log-ins with their own username and password. In the event of a lost laptop, workstation approach prevents malicious actors from access data as none of it is stored locally on the device.

Misconception #2: Cloud Offices Have More Downtime

We’ve heard potential clients worry about the downtime of cloud solutions. Since small businesses typically do not have dedicated network support, if a catastrophe happens then the downtime can prolonged. We’ve heard about CEOs losing entire days to employees complaining about the phone or printer not working.

At CP Networks, we find most of those printer not working panic calls are due to shoddy preventive maintenance. That’s why we offer continued preventive maintenance on your network and cloud solutions. Our experienced staff ensures everything is up to date and stable.

A connected office is a more productive office. CP Networks will work closely with you to implement the best cloud, on-site, or blended network solution. We believe small business IT support should be accessible and fast. Contact us today at 817.929.9675 to start upgrading your office.