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The Best Email Solution for Your Business

The use of email has revolutionized how we conduct business. The average worker receives 90 emails per day and sends out about 40 daily. 86% of business professionals list email as their most preferred form of communication.

Most business professionals want to be able to use their phone, tablet, or computer to view, send, and receive email. There are a couple different options for ensuring multi-device use is seamless. For easy set-up, one could use a webmail client such as Gmail or Yahoo mail. Logging in from multiple devices is easy and all email traffic stays synced.

Other companies prefer to use their domain email address to stand out from the crowd. Setting up the email service in this case requires a little more work. Down below we’ll quickly cover the pros and cons of each options.

At CP Networks, we help our clients chose and implement the best IT solutions. One of the major factors we ask clients to consider is how scalable their solution needs to be. Essentially, we ask our clients to consider how quickly they anticipate their business growing. Based on that anticipated growth we can implement an email solution that cost-effectively grows with the company,


Web email services like Gmail and Yahoo have a free-tier option for all their users. This basic level service comes with tight restrictions around the number of users, total storage, and occasionally email per day limits. We find most clients quickly hit the limits of the basic tier and start to pay for the premium services. The costs of these premium tiers starts to quickly add up.

The service a company uses to host their website likely also includes support for domain-based emails. This support level includes a significant amount of email storage, support for a large number of email address, and options to cost-effectively add more users.

The trade-off with using this domain-based email is it requires a little more know how to implement across multiple devices. This complexity is a turn-off for some users without IT support. However, at CP Networks we will gladly help you implement this solution so you do not have to worry about it.


If your company decides to use a domain-based email we encourage you to pair it with a productivity suite. The two most common productivity suites are G Suite by Google and Office 365 by Microsoft.

A productivity suite like Microsoft 365 pairs your email with a host of other tools such a Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. The service is hosted in the cloud and allows your company’s team members to access their data from any device at any time.


Making the correct choice in your email solution is vital. At CP Networks, we will help you make the best decision for your business needs. We will then create and implement that solution for your company.

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, CP Networks specializes in creating and maintaining email network solutions for our clients. After these systems are created, your team will be able to access their email and data on their phone, tablet, or computer seamlessly. Contact us today at 817.929.9675 to start creating your perfect productivity solution.

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