Data / Lost Files Recovery

Recovering Your Fort Worth Company’s Lost Data

When everyone went home from the office on Friday everything was fine. But now as people come in on Monday morning and none of the computers are working correctly. People are missing files. The administrative assistant can’t pull up anyone’s calendar. The sales personnel don’t have access to their latest pitch. Last month’s reports won’t load on the CEO’s calendar.

Moments like these can cause a productive business to lurch to a halt. The causes of data loss are numerous. Fixing the problem in a timely and thorough manner is a difficult task for small to medium sized businesses without dedicated IT support. Here at CP Networks in Fort Worth, TX we’re dedicated to providing on-demand IT support for help your business recover fast.


Hard drive failure is the number one cause of data loss for a company. A hard drive can fail for a variety of reasons. Any of the small electronic components that make up a hard drive can fail. A failure in any single one of these components means failure for the whole system. Locating and fixing these component failures requires a professional.

The second most common source of hard drive failure is human error. People make mistakes. Maybe someone accidentally overwrote an important file and now the hard drive registry failed. Perhaps someone damaged the disk by spilling coffee on it. Regardless of the error, the hard drive is now in a perilous state. You should have a trustworthy professional undo these mistakes.

Viruses and network intrusions are the third leading cause of data loss. Malicious people can cause harm to your data and business. When a virus or attacker holds your data hostage, an experienced IT professional is needed to fend them off and patch up the vulnerability.

No matter the cause it, lost data is damaging to businesses. Without properly functioning machines and access to the necessary files, systems, and tools a company cannot operate at optimal productivity. These productivity losses add up and can heavily impact the bottom line.


In a data loss event we recommend contacting a professional get your business up and running again. CP Networks, located in Fort Worth, has the necessary experience and care to recover your data.

Whether it is a hard drive failure, an internal server issue, or a virus on the network, lost data can happen in the modern workplace. CP Networks is here to help you get your business back-up and fully functional.

CP Networks offers on-demand and crisis data recovery options. Our team of experts will troubleshoot a failed hard drive and take the most efficient route to recover the vital data on it.

If the solution isn’t that simple, CP Networks will come to your site to find and fix the problem. Our on-demand IT solutions in DFW mean minimized impacts to your company’s productivity. We will scan your network for intrusions and remove any threats. Our full service means we will fix any vulnerability and restore lost data.

At CP Networks, we know how vital your company’s data is. In the unfortunate event where data is lost, you can trust us to recover it. Call us today at (817) 929- 9675