Data / Lost Files Recovery

Data / Lost Files Recovery

Hard drive failure is the number one cause of data loss for a company. A hard drive can fail for a variety of reasons. Any of the small electronic components that make up a hard drive can fail. A failure in any single one of these components means failure for the whole system. Locating and fixing these component failures requires a professional.

Updates and Vulnerabilities

Security updates for software are very important and they should be taken seriously. Security updates address vulnerabilities that can be utilized by malware (malicious software). Analogously, you may lock your front door, but an intruder may know a weakness/vulnerability in the lock and they are potentially able to exploit that weakness/vulnerability to gain entry.

CP networks works with all of our clients to help keep software updated. This is only one layer of protection, among several, that are used to protect computers and networks. If you have any questions about software updates or network security, then please reach out to us via

Recent Malware Attacks

Malware attacks are a constant threat and companies are forced to deal with them on a daily basis. There is not a single solution when it comes to network security. CP Networks takes all threats seriously and we have implemented several layers of protection for our clients. This includes proactive software, updating processes, and other preventative measures.

Some attacks happen at a larger scale and those attacks tend to get more media coverage. For a breakdown of the most recent large-scale attack, please see Webroot's site (one of our partners):

If you have any questions regarding malware, viruses, or any other threats, then please contact us at