5 Things Startups Need To Consider When Creating An IT Strategy 

Your IT Strategy Is A Roadmap to Success

Strategy is key to helping any business succeed. A strategy acts as a roadmap that shows you where you are, where you want to go, and what to avoid or explore along the way. From marketing, to operations, communications, and employee growth, every successfully run business has strategies in place to steer them along. Every business needs a strategy, but startups specifically need to consider an IT strategy as they fuel up for growth. 

Startups are companies that are in their beginning stages of operations and tend to be less than 5 years old. In many cases, they seek to disrupt an industry by fulfilling a demand. Some of the most famously successful startups include Uber, Slack, and Airbnb to name a few. Even if it isn’t centered around technology or the internet have you considered why your startup needs an IT strategy? In this article, we’re going to explore 5 things startups need to consider when creating an IT strategy.

1. Your Startup Budget 

The majority of startups are financed by their entrepreneurial founders who have sold other businesses, or capitalized in other ways. Though you may be building from the ground up, the most costly solution may not pay off for you in the long-run if you can’t afford it up front. If your budget is limited, you may need to consider a free communication solution like Slack versus migrating to an enterprise network right away. It may even make sense for you to use Google Drive as a base for your files rather than an in-house network or filing system.

On the flip-side, if your startup has already surpassed some of the penny-pinching growing pains that many new businesses face, it may be time to upgrade. A productivity suite like Microsoft 365 pairs your email with a host of other tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. This service is hosted in the cloud and allows your company’s team members to access their data from any device at any time.

At CP Networks, we help our clients choose and implement the best IT solutions. One of the major factors we ask clients to consider is how scalable their solution needs to be. Essentially, we ask our clients to consider how quickly they anticipate their business growing. Based on that anticipated growth we can implement a solution that cost-effectively grows with the company. 

2. The Role of Technology in Your Startup

In a nutshell, a simple definition of technology is the practical application of science or knowledge used to invent tools or solve problems. The most obvious forms of technology that many of us interact with daily are computers, smart phones, and the internet. Individuals and businesses alike rely upon these heavily to solve the problems of communication, creativity, connectivity and efficiency. 

Successful internet-based startups like Dropbox have a seemingly obvious use for technology: to provide consumers and businesses with an affordable cloud-based platform to store and access files. But not all startups are computer-technology based, and each startup has different technology needs. Some of the top startup technology needs revolve around hardware, software, and access to the cloud. 

3. Hardware for your Startup 

In short, hardware is the physical component of a computer system that allows the user to interact and use the software technology inside. Hardware could be anything from the screen on a computer monitor, to a smartphone device, or a webcam. As a startup, it’s likely you are using email to communicate with your team, investors, and buyers. At the most basic level, you need to ensure that you have a computer, smartphone, or tablet that enables you to communicate effectively. 

Hardware ranges in style, cost, and durability so it’s important to consider your needs. At the end of the day, without properly functioning hardware, access to files, systems, and tools a company cannot operate at optimal productivity. These productivity losses add up and can heavily impact the bottom line and hurt a startup’s chance to grow. 

4. Startup Software & Cloud Integration

The most basic definition of software is a collection of data that tells the computer how to perform. Together with hardware, software allows a user to perform an action on their computer or device. Some software is free, while other software can cost a considerable amount depending on your business needs. From Finance, Marketing, Productivity, and Sales Tools, there are a variety of startup software tools available to help your startup succeed. 

Most business professionals want to be able to use their phone, tablet, or computer to view, send, and receive email. There are a few different options for ensuring multi-device use is seamless. For free easy set-up, one could use a webmail client such as Gmail or Yahoo mail. Logging in from multiple devices is easy and all email traffic stays synced.

Most software today also includes an interface with the cloud: an online safe haven to store business critical files, communication, and systems. At the end of the day, a connected office is a more productive office. CP Networks will work closely with you to implement the best cloud, on-site, or blended network solution. We believe startup IT support should be accessible and fast. 

5. Successful DFW Startups

The Common Desk named DFW based DeadSoxy as the #1 Hottest DFW startup of 2019. DeadSoxy designs, manufactures, and sells no-slip socks that are durable, comfortable and give its customers confidence. Though this startup’s primary mission is to disrupt the dress-sock industry, there’s a big chance that they rely heavily on technology to keep their business running smoothly. 

As a startup, it’s crucial to research the successes of other startups to stay informed, inspired, and relevant. You might be surprised to witness their use of technology, and even come up with creative ways to integrate a fool-proof IT strategy that fits your needs. 

Start Strategizing

Developing an IT strategy may seem intimidating but CP Networks works with your startup to custom tailor a solution that works best for you. From keeping your technology and software up-to-date, while providing your business with technical support, CP Networks is an integral solution to your startup’s IT strategy. Call CP Networks to start developing your startup IT strategy and implement the best IT for your business. Contact us today at 817.929.9675 to set up your startup for success!